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I am the co-founder and CTO of NewTrace, a cleantech startup working on developing and manufacturing the next generation of electrolyzers for low-cost green hydrogen generation.

In my free time, I am upgrading my programming and 3-D modelling skills by following the 'learn-by-doing' paradigm.

I am also currently writing about the approaching (semi-)precious metals crisis with the potential to impact the entire global economy including the renewable energy industry. The first part is coming soon(ish).

Reading has been my favorite past time since forever, but recently I have started listening to podcasts as well to make more efficient use of my time (more on these in my reading list).  

Photography and travelling have been close to my heart since I was a kid. And although the latter is not possible (circa 2020), I am rekindling my passion for the former through bird photography.


I currently reside in Bengaluru (India) via PatnaDelhiLeuven (Belgium) and Eindhoven (Netherlands).

In college, I was a founding member of the automotive club. This was also the time I decided to work on renewable energy after a short stint at a solar cell production factory because of the challenges and opportunities in the development of clean and renewable energy sources to replace the current fossil fuel-driven society.


This drove me to move towards materials sciences and nanotechnology, to learn how to develop and study new materials for renewable energy. During my master's thesis at IMEC, I got a chance to study cathode materials for solid state batteries.

After my Master's, I felt like I wanted to work in a field which was at an even more nascent stage. Hence, I started my PhD at DIFFER, working on developing new materials for hydrogen generation from water splitting using solar energy, colloquially called 'Solar Fuels'. 

After my PhD, I returned home to India in Feb 2020 and decided to dive into the startup eco-system, and was selected for the Entrepreneur First program (in Bangalore but run remotely) which was a pseudo-MBA on entrepreneurship, marketing, idea validation etc. Since then I have been working on NewTrace which was also recently selected to be a part of the Mobility Launchpad program run in collaboration by NSRCEL (IIM Bengaluru) and Maruti Suzuki. We also raised our first round of funding to scale up our product.


My aim for the future is to help accelerate the rate of adoption of new renewable energy technologies in every sector globally from automotive to industrial manufacturing. To this end, my aim is to develop NewTrace into a renewable energy product development platform starting with a low-cost electrolyzer made entirely with non-precious materials, for cheap green hydrogen (based on my PhD research). This is to be followed by devices for producing other non-sexy but essential industrial products such as ammonia, methanol etc.

On the personal front, my goals are to improve and maintain my physical and mental health, and to keep trying to understand my thought processes and increase my level of self-awareness. I am also working on improving my personal finance and investment skills, to attain a comfortable level of passive income by the time I hit 40.

In terms of hobbies, I want to continue working on my programming and art skills, while (re-)learning the guitar and piano. Music and art have always made me happy and I want to imbibe the same paradigm as to everything else in my life: 'Be an artist, not a critic'.

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